Reederij Overtuygt (English)

Reederij Overtuygt founded in 2002, exists of 8 enthousiastic men who sing traditional Shanty’s and Forebitters a capella in an expressive way and with a lot of enthousiasm and CONVICTION.

Also original fisherman and whalersongs are part of the repertoire. By the way, the name Reederij means shipping company and Overtuygt means “Convinced” . But it also means also overrigged. Its up to you to decide what and who we are!

The beginning:

The crew of Reederij Overtuygt is a group of (almost) all sailing men, with a total boat length of 181 foot. The boatlength, however, is not very important to them. The pleasure they get from having fun with eachother and the audiens is what they aime for. We all met – and started singing Shanty’s – at Zingerij Dwarsgetuigd, situated in Nuenen a small village near Eindhoven, and far away from the sea.

Still, they sing with a lot of pleasure there.

Zingerij Dwarsgetuigd is a large shantiechoir of 55 men. Quality and enthusiasm are very important. Zingerij Dwarsgetuigd performs under the inspiring leadership of Horst Rickels.

Site Zingerij Dwarsgetuigd

Meanwhile we sing almost 80 Dutch, French, English and Friesche Shanty’s, Forebitters and Ceremonials. They are not the same as common seamen songs or sorrow rag.